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Save Homeless Dogs From Being Killed In Sochi!

This campaign means a lot to me. Homeless and neglected animals are a global problem, not just in Sochi. I have traveled quite a bit and many big cities have humane programs in place to pick up the dogs or spay and neuter. In addition there are organizations they could have called for assistance. Vets without borders volunteers their talent and time to do this very thing, neuter, spay, rabies vaccines etc. It was claimed that this was Putin's favorite city and that is why he chose it for the Olympics. Well, the dogs have been a part of the local culture and character for many years. Most people with a heart and soul embrace this. Santiago, Chili and Argentina to name a few large cities that have many "community" dogs. They are cared for and loved by the people who live there. If people are afraid of dogs they usually stay away from them. If a dog is upset or nervous they can be moved to a safer environment. Just the fact that they see nothing wrong with their behavior is a red flag. We all know what happens to the neighbor kid that tortured or killed animals!

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