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Stop Craigslist From Advertising Animals.

I have done homeless animal adoptions for about 40 years. Unfortunately even the best seeming homes are not always forever and they have been screened and references received--they were good homes but not permanent sometimes. Craig's list is a nameless faceless person that could have anything horrible in mind, torture, hoarding animals, selling to a lab, using the pet for bait to train fighting dogs (this can happen to dogs, cats, rabbits). They can use a pure breed for breeding and selling the off springs and keep the breeding dog in the worst possible conditions. They can lie about themselves, their purpose, their home or any number of important things that one needs to care for a pet properly. Pets cannot speak so it is up to us to take every precaution to do what is right for them when we are no longer their responsible caretakers. Getting a pet has huge ongoing responsibilities--the average pet is extremely fortunate to have the same loving home for it's life time. Finding that home is certainly rarely possible due to advertising on Craig's list--that is for things, not living things.

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