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Get The News Media Attention On Family Law Reform

Judges continually are biased in favor of the alimony recipient, and punishes the alimony payer. Judges continually will not issue restraining orders against women (from men), and I've actually had a judge say to me "I don't use evidence--I just go by my gut feeling.", when I had audio, text, and email evidence of clear harassment. The family court system is broke. They gave themselves a pass on a jury system, and they are not held accountable for their actions, and should not be protected by Constitutional Rule 1.6. I have continually been denied discovery into my ex's finances, who fakes a disability, and works under the table, and collects both alimony and Social Security Disability. She can look at my finances anytime she wants to. The family court system imputes income onto your new spouse, so you can pay more to your first wife's alimony (no child support involved here). And last but not least, the states and judges get rich from the SS funds, by getting 66 cents on every dollar garnished for alimony and /or child support, which are stolen from the country's SS funds. See Title IV, Section D of the SS Act.

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