Michelle Mastriana

First off i want to thank you for taking the time to read about my cause..i think people every where should be aware of the problem we have with people trying to outlaw the pit bul,i am not only an owner of two beautiful pit bulls that i consider a serious part of my family...The Pit Bull dog..a dog that has earned UKC titles in Conformation, Obedience, agility and Weightpull. These dogs are perfect examples of the breed and their owners are the NEW, MODERN Dogmen and Dogwomen. I am the first to recognize the OLD-dogmen who helped to create this breed. HOWEVER, Now is the time for NEW- dog-men and dog-women to step forward and represent the breed for what they CAN be … not what they used to be. We do not need pit fighters in this world anymore, we need men and women that are strong enough and brave enough to step forward and fight for and to save our breed. We need modern day, TRUE and HONEST and LAW ABIDING dog-men and women to fight to show that our breed is the greatest all around dog in the world. This page is to honor REAL modern day dog-men and dog-women and their dogs. These are average people with extraordinary courage and competitive natures whose dogs have excelled, shown what a real American Pit Bull Terrier should be, and who are TRUE ambassadors for our breed. If every person who owned a pit bull had the courage and determination that these people (PROVE THAT THEY) HAVE (not just claim to have), our breed would not be in mortal danger at the hands of legislators, journalists, puppy mills, wanna-be pit fighters, irresponsible and uneducated owners, and animal activists. This page is dedicated to those dogs that have earned quadruple event titles in the UKC. HEY TAKE SPECIAL NOTE: The first dog of ANY BREED to ever earn quadruple titles in the UKC was guess what breed? That is right! An American Pit Bull Terrier was the very first!