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Get South Korea To Stop Burning Dogs And Cats Alive

I cannot believe I hadn't heard of this before. It literally turned my stomach. And I'm heart broken for these precious beings. I normally don't post things that have negative vibration attached to them. Because I want to promote/teach/BE peace. But in reading this, I see that by discussing these horrific issues, we CAN & we WILL join together in spreading awareness. But more importantly raise the vibration of our collective whole consciousness. By asking each other to join in unison & scream NO MORE TORTURE, unkindness, greed, ignorance or war!! We MUST begin to treat each other, all beings & our beloved earth (Gaia) w/more tenderness, honor & unconditional love!! I know in the depths of my soul that this IS the way to sustainable peace!! (Rant over, yet I passionately ask you to sign this petition, to pray for peace & to visualize the highest vibration of love for ALL!! Thank you!! And thank you James Furiosi for alerting me to this situation, for asking me to sign this petition & for being a most loving lightworker.

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