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Mandatory Spay And Neuter Of Puppies, Dogs, Kittens And Cats In Maricopa County Phoenix, Az

As a former animal rescue volunteer and full time foster mom to orphaned fur babies, I have witnessed first hand the struggles these silent little victims endure or die tragically from. While living in Buffalo we actually discovered a small box that had been thrown over the fence behind our place of business in the general direction of our dumpster. Inside the tiny 4x7 inch discarded box were four newborn kittens. Their mother hadn't even been given the oppurtunity to clean them up after delivering them. The callous irresponsible pet owners dumping of those four tiny babes cost my husband and I over $1,500 in vet bills and supplies to keep those fur-babies healthy and thriving without their own natural momma cat. We fostered the kittens got them their shots and when they were old enough we got them their little (costly) procedure done and then set about to finding them all good forever families.There is a saying that "one mans' trash is another ones' treasure. We already had four adopted kitties two rescue dogs and a variety of abused pets that we took over as foster family to care for along with our own children. There were many sacrifices made in those first 3-6 months in order to do right by what someone treated as no more than scraps of rubbish. I can only imagine the suffering the mother of those four orphans went through as well by milk fever and most likely more unwanted litters. This is only one of several heartbreaking cases we witnessed in our years as animal rescue volunteers. We even converted one of our bedrooms into a really nice "isolation room" for the newcomers to stay comfortable and safe until we could get them their vet visit before introducing them into our managerie of family pets. There are so many unwanted, unloved and neglected gifts from Heaven and I believe it is each and every humans responsibility to properly care for them. Protecting our creatures is the right thing to do. Domestic animals are helpless to take care of the things that nature dictates, like reproducing and caring for their young. It is our responsibility to ensure all animals have a safe home, adequate nutrition, and medical attention. By allowing the pets we have to have litter after litter of young can quickly become an overwhelming financial burden for their health and safety which usually results in neglect and abandonment . The simple act of spaying or neutering our own pets helps keep the population under control so those with good intentions of owning a pet (or two or three) won't be over burdened with the financial obligations which sometimes results in neglect of the pets basic needs ie; food, shelter, medical care. I urge all of my friends and family to join the campaign to have a Mandatory Spay/Neuter program instituted. Let's end the senseless destruction and/or suffering of these sweet loving companions that I call fur-babies. It is a worthwhile cause. Even if you personally choose not to have a pet for whatever your reason, you could still help by adding your signature in support of Mandatory Spay & Neuter in Maricopa County Phoenix,Az or where you live for that matter.Please consider helping us by getting the message out there about this Cause. And show your humanity for the smallest of our beautiful planets' co-habitants, the dogs, cats, puppies & kittens by adding your signature to get the over-population of dogs and cats under control.

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