Wanda Thomas

She watched my Mom, Sister and I spend $25.000 each, a year ago because of what our father did to us as children ... which whom is in jail now for all he did ... now she wants some of her own money. I have heard rumors that she is trying to get Criminal Compensation but because the charges were dropped to a lesser charge, she had to come up with new ones so she can collect money from C.I.C.B. Details of our childhood were told to her in confidence but now she is using our childhood against Billy. Which is appalling. Our fathers case has a Publication band on it so we are not allowed to talk about it but as far as my baby brothers case, we can. He is a victim in this case. A woman is using the fact that she is a woman against him. And of course because he is a man the courts are believing her. She gives all other women a bad wrap for this ... Shes crying wolf and its not fair to any innocent man to go through this. I know she is lying because i lived with my brother for a while and it was always her that was abusive towards my brother, her children and anyone else. An abused woman does not get in the abusers face and call him an idiot for fear of being abused. She would lay down and shut up! I know this because I am a victim of it. I saw with my own eyes first hand. It's true there is 2 sides to every story but in my brothers case his voice isn't being heard till now. Her fabricating started after Billy tried to end their relationship. She told him if he did, "he would never have another girl on his motorcycle or sleep in the tent trailer again". The very next night he returned home to see his tent trailer had been slashed. There is a Police report. He has already done time for charges of careless driving (for parking on the sidewalk) and has now lost his license for 2 years. She has had him charged with approx. 45 separate charges since because the careless was dropped from assault with a deadly weapon. Billy is nothing like our father but she wants the court to think so and because he is our fathers son the courts are believing her. Shes playing the abused woman card and abusing the system and that wrecks it for all those woman out there that are being abused. It will be hard for people to believe the abused now because of my brothers ex. This all started because he broke up with her and she is jealous of the fact that he has found happiness with another woman. Do what you feel is right but either way please pray for us. You liking this page would be much appreciated :) Like and Share to help spread the word fast !!! Thank You for your support !!!