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Oppose The Dark Act Denying Your Right To Know

I came to know about this issue because I got pregnant and I wanted the healthiest baby imaginable. So I researched and I researched some more. Then I had my baby and instead of being able to enjoy precious moments together I could barely lift my arm off the couch that had become my blessed best friend. I never left it and could barely get up, let alone nurse, play and take care of my baby. I am one story of many women I have read about with Hashimotos Thyroiditis Autoimmune disease. I am curing myself with REAL FOOD. I am still not 100% but I am getting there and finding foods that work for me and heals my stomach which has been compromised due to the thyroid not working properly which in turn causes the brain to not function properly nor the emotions. Can you say roller coaster PMS pretty much daily? Soy also affects the thyroid and disrupts the endocrine hormone system. I was drinking TONS of Soy Milk before I got pregnant thinking it was GOOD for me and my lactose intolerance. I learned as a guinea pig; the hard way. My illness was contributed to by these GMO foods and many are also filled with bacteria and viruses they grow the genetic material in! EWWWW GROSS!!!! How bout a "delicious" corn on the cob now?? Just to destroy some bugs? Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face. Gmo's were supposedly created to make crops pest resistant. Much as DDT was in the 50's. Yeah that worked out well huh? Moms were spraying it in baby's faces back then because the chemical companies ( same ones as today) told them that DDT was " SAFE". So why should we trust these same companies today? We SHOULDN'T. And we are fools if we do. This is one of the most important issues of our time. If we don't act now for our rights to freedom our children and their future will be largely impeded. Sickness and disease is already at an all time high and many do not connect this with the tampered food that is unnatural to our very own genetic structure. This is a dark and sneaky agenda that has been pulled over our eyes just so these nasty companies can make billions along with the drug companies that make money off the sick. BILLIONS And BILLIONS a year are made on cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's... and the list goes on. These diseases can be avoided with GOOD, REAL food and a high nutrient dense unprocessed diet. The old adage " You are what you eat" should be lived as a doctrine every day by Americans but it is not. Genetically engineered food is unnatural and is literally chemical poison in some cases like the pesticide INSIDE the sweet yellow corn that CANNOT be washed off. I did not ask for this. I do not want my children eating POISON. Remember those free green Mr. Yuck stickers of the 70's? What if we just took it upon ourselves to stick those all over GMO food and then people would at least be able to make an informed choice. Give the buying power back to the people. It is OUR hard earned money after all, not these chemical companies trying to swindle us. I say just do it! If so many did we would have a food revolution. The power is in the people not the lawmakers!! Green M Yuck stickers , take that Monsanto. (maybe black with an angry red face with a tongue sticking out would be more apropos in this case, skull and cross bones would do too). Rachel Carson exposed these very same chemical companies in 1963. And warned Americans and they LISTENED and got angry. The EPA was formed because of HER as were laws to protect the Environment. One company even said"Rachel's book is more poisonous than the chemicals". Yeah, to them she was THEIR poison. Who will be their poison today??? WE need to get off our complacent ends and push back for our health and safety and that of our children and their future. If not us then who???? Our Government can't save us because it is run by these same companies. Mons.... IS the FDA. We need another Rachel Carson. What is wrong with Americans today that it seems so many are SLEEPING??? Get angry people and stand up for your American Freedom rights just as the people in the early sixties did! Sign petitions, write these chemical companies, call your newspapers / write articles. Your LIFE depends on it. There is power in the pen as Rachel showed us with Silent Spring. I shudder to think about what our Earth would have looked like if Carson never wrote Silent Spring and DDT was still in use. And I shudder at the average age of death in our future humans if we keep eating poison "food" that isn't labeled. It's high time for a Rachel Revival or our bodies will certainly be Silent.

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