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Stop Anyone From Using Puppies And Kittens As Shark Baits

I was shocked and disturbed by the fact that people can be so cruel...as evidenced by this photo..How can people treat so horribly an animal, the dog, that does nothing but love us, lick us, treat us with respect, and bow down to us continually out of companionship and loyalty? They are, after all, "man's best friend." Help me reach at least 10 signatures so that we can stop this awful practice: Together, we can. It is impossible for me to fathom how anyone could possibly pierce the snout of a puppy or kitty to use as shark bait. Cruel and unusual indeed! Let's end this practice together and put an end to a viscious cycle of cruelty. Puppies and kitties are not worms, they have feelings, and are not to be used as Shark Bait!!!

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