We need your help. President Barack Obama suggested cutting funding for neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) by $13.5 million, leaving just $86.5 million for NTD programs. This means millions of people who currently receive NTD treatment may not receive it in 2015. We can’t let this happen. Speak out now and add your name to our latest petition.
On the 5th day of END7, we're highlighting the political action that took place in 2013. Because so many END7 supporters spoke out, the United Nations responded and acknowledged NTDs. Even more, several new…Read More
Today is day number 3 of our 7 days of END7! We're celebrating one of the biggest NTD successes of the year. This July, Colombia became the first country in the Americas to eliminate river blindness. We're seeing real progress in the fight against NTDs. Are you on board?
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