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Make Race Baiting A Crime Rather Than A Career Or Religion

I was born in 1940 when racial segregation was a fact of life in the deep south. My parents taught me to respect all adults regardless of color, and to do unto others as I would have them do unto me. I believe blacks (Negroes in that day) taught their children the same message. It was that training that heard the message of Dr. Martin Luther King's dream of all God's children living in peace and tranquility on the earth where everybody would be treated fairly and equally. Without that message of hope, the movement would have died. Because of that hope, white people became compassionate at the plight of poor blacks in the south. Politicians saw opportunity to gain favor by pushing for unjust laws that benefitted some, but not all citizens. These laws were not readily accepted by some whites, but were too heavy to resist. It was therefore with considerable reluctance that whites in the south particularly fell in line with the mainstream. Nevertheless, the progress made by black people since 1965 also created a class of people who do not respect God, people, property, or institutions. They are the ones who are responsible for the division that exists. After 50 years of privilege, they have found it easier to make a life of crime than to attain education and employment. That way of life creates mindless thinking that harbors hatred and brings about cries of "racism" instead of taking responsibility for their own plight. We don't need more laws. We need to return to the "Book of Life" and recall the greatest commandment is to LOVE God and neighbor.

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