"In the Harper era, a genuine political debate about Canadian policy towards Israel and Palestine has been distressingly absent both in Parliament and the mainstream Canadian media. Indeed, one curious consequence of the Harper policy has been the quiescence of the opposition parties on the topic."

A Fierce Attachment: Canada, Israel, Palestine and the Harper Years

The Harper Decade
On November 29, 2012, the United Nations General Assembly debated a historic motion to upgrade the status of Palestine from observer to “non-member observer state.”  The General Assembly was almost full, and waves of applause swept through the cavernous auditorium as various speakers in favour of the motion – including Mahmoud Abbas, the President…Read More
By legitimizing the terrorist group the JDL, Stephen Harper is complicit in their terrorism including the burning to death of the 18 months Palestinian baby Ali Saad Dawabsheh Julius Suraski, an event co-ordinator for the Jewish Defence League of Canada was on Harper's delegation to Israel last year.…Read More

Grandson of Meir Kahane arrested for burning baby; part of extremist network - International Middle East Media Center

Grandson of Meir Kahane arrested for burning baby; part of extremist network As Israeli investigators release their findings that a right-wing Jewish terrorist network is gaining power throughout Israel and illegal West Bank settlements, an arrest has been made in the arson attack Thursday night that burned a baby to death and severely wounded…Read More
Does Canada really need this Israeli Iron Dome technology and against whom? Or is it just another way to support the Israeli economy, military industry and accordingly Israeli war crimes...

Canada to acquire Israeli Iron Dome radar technology - Canada News Centre

Israeli Government subsidiary ELTA Systems Ltd. will work with Rheinmetall to bring new sensor capabilities to the Canadian Armed Forces July 29, 2015 Ottawa,  Department of National Defence An improved radar system for the Canadian Army will use cutting edge technology that is part of the successful Israeli Defence Force Iron Dome Air Defence…Read More
Mr. Harper shows lack of decency and humanity when he calls, the victims of Israeli Apartheid, ethnic cleansing and war crimes "violent jihadists" Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was fêted at the King David Award Gala, an event organized by the "Jewish Community Council of Montreal" “We have long refused to be neutral in supporting Israel’s…Read More

Stephen Harper talks security, the election and hockey on Quebec tour

The Globe and Mail
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is spending two days in Quebec addressing security issues that are top-of-mind in the province and going to ridings the Conservatives hope to win in the next election. Mr. Harper started his tour on Thursday by promoting the increase in funding for the RCMP and the Canada Border Services Agency that were announced in…Read More
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