Hell hath no fury . . . like a mother whose child has been sickened by a toxin that’s almost impossible to avoid. Please read my article about a historic meeting that took place on Tuesday between the EPA and moms whose kids have by sickened by Monsanto's RoundUp herbicide glyphosate:…Read More
On Friday, I joined Dave Murphy of Food Democracy Now and Marianne Engelman Lado of EarthJustice on Thom Hartmann's The Big Picture. He devoted the second half of his show to why we need to stop Monsanto.
Call to action from Abby Martin: Take part in the March Against Monsanto, a worldwide event where we take to the streets to voice our concerns over genetically engineered foods and the lack of transparency when it comes to our food. (I make a brief cameo appearance in Abby's "Monsanto Lowlights" montage.)
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