Amit Mahan's supporters

  • make_love_not_war
    Stacy Vann

    I'm a huge activist and hope my passion for Love & Peace can make a change.

  • animal_rights
    Mette Nissen
  • animal_rights
    Jessica Matthew
  • animal_rights
    Jessica Matthew

    I am an animal lover of all breeds of all over the world. I will pretty much join any cause to help protect the worlds wildlife. I do have other causes that mean a lot to me such as child abuse causes, certain medical causes, peace causes, helping the troops is another one that I always will support. I have volunteered with all types of animals and worked with the poor and the sick of humanity as well. I believe all animals and humans alike shouldn't have to worry about extinction, cruelty or where they are going to get their next meal or medication.

  • animal_adoption
    Wilhelmina Vanputten

    A passionate animal lover of all creatures great and small against Animal Abuse in all forms hoping I can make a difference in this world NO ANIMAL ABUSE

  • animal_rights
    Carol Williams
  • we_can_do_it
    Carmen Velčić

    I am born on 10.08.1950 in Rijeka, Croatia, have my own business, distributing professional cosmetic products and equipment. My hobby's are cats, dogs, making digital pictures.

  • animal_abuse
    Ricardo Nuno
  • give_blood
    Louann Smith
  • breast_cancer
    Azza Elsherbini
  • save_the_oceans
    Camille Rabier
  • wiccan
    Penny Wyatt

    I love animals, all animals and I will fight till my last breath to save and protect these angels on earth! <3 I am ANIMAL RIGHTS and I AM A PROUD SOLDIER OF THE WOLF ARMY,S OF THE WORLD!!!!!! <3

  • vegan_power
    Daniela Holmes

    Vegan and proud of it ! Human-, Animal- and Enviromental Activist . I believe in showing compassion and kindness to all living beings !

  • Ralf Groneberg
  • Liesbeth Ieven
  • animal_abuse
    Shanida Ahmad

    What ever i do is actually for my children...all the children on this earth because they represent us "The Future" Please care for ALL BEINGS not just some.

  • Antanita Riz
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