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The Forgotten Imam: Jamil Abdullah Al Amin (H. Rap Brown)

Imam Abdullah Al-Amin is a historical icon for Blacks everywhere as he represents a "get it done" mentality, long absent from the modern Black culture. Imam Abdullah Al-Amin must be freed as these charges represent the systemic muzzling of our entire race. As a civil rights icon, Bro. H. Rap Brown inspired all of our generation to action, positive action for our community. He took on the economic power brokers in the system by disavowing the Black man's "place," as it was so commonly perceived by then White America as well as the vast majority of the "informed" world. That he fought for us, you and me and all of our families, defines him as a freedom fighter and not a terrorist. He fought racial, social and economic terrorism so that our existence could be a little better than it otherwise would have been. That charges have been trumped up in order to cage him like a wild animal points to his importance to our community and his willingness to never step back from our issues as a community and the fear that his has engendered to the establishment...Free Abdullah Al-Amin

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