A broken mother’s eyes peer into our own, as if to ask, “Why?” In her arms she holds the body of her beloved son, now dead. Her hand grasps a medical release slip, issued by the jail that held him captive as a prisoner of conscience. He was sent home to die, as have been thousands of other Falun Gong practitioners throughout China; prison…Read More
Chinese physicians and police conspire here in a horrific, though well-documented, phenomenon in China: forcible organ harvesting. It has been called by one prominent human rights lawyer, “a new form of evil on this planet.” This victim, as with so many like him, was not given adequate anesthesia or medical care; his body, in the hands of a cruel…Read More
Over 5,000 years ago, human morality had declined to a terrible extent. In response, a catastrophic flood almost wiped out the whole world. Three thousand years later, the Roman Empire brutally persecuted Christians. A series of plagues subsequently killed almost half of the population. Sadly, history seems to repeat itself. Today, the…Read More
Darkness both metaphorical and material envelops a Chinese street. On this dark night a mother and her child post flyers decrying the oppressive communist regime. The child’s meditative hand gesture expresses the inner conviction that inspires such valiant acts. If discovered in this act, a person can be arrested, tortured, and murdered. Because…Read More
This painting depicts a young woman doing the fifth exercise of Falun Gong, “Way of Strengthening Divine Powers.” The clear water and blue sky reflect her tranquility and give a feeling of her union with heaven while she meditates. The four “cultivated infants ” play amidst an energy field. This is a self-portrait of the artist. She said she…Read More
All my life, I have lived to support the good and expose bad. As a man, simply protecting the people with my integrity and truth from forces of evil; I came across the understanding of the brutal persecution against this innocent spiritual movement; namely the Falun Gong and since then I have used the essence of my whole heart to stand up against…Read More
Perhaps the least known victims of the persecution in China are children, such as this young girl, who holds the only remains of her parents—their ashes. Her father’s jacket cloaks her small frame, and is likely her only protection against the coming winter. Inspired by documented events, the painting distills in the child’s tormented gaze, as…Read More
This painting is based on a true story. A mother and son were arrested in China simply because they practice Falun Gong. Being beaten, the boy held back his tears asking: Why? Why did the policemen beat my mom and me? This was painted upon the request by a practitioner in NY. This happened to her and her son. They where lucky enough to escape from…Read More
A wife weeps beside her husband, who has been tortured to death at a brainwashing center. He holds in his hand a document that he was forced to sign, a pledge that defames Falun Gong. This powerful masterpiece was painted in oils by Yaun Li, a Japanese Practitioner of Falun Gong. A torn and crumpled remittance paper lays at the hand darkened by…Read More
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