Claire Kellerman Feeling the Love expanding into Art, Music and Home. Pure pleasure multiplying with every breath, or not. All is well and steadily expanding.

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    “DreamingBear is in the house!” — Dr. Michael Beckwith Mark Victor Hansen says, “DreamingBear is the best conscious poet on the planet!” DreamingBear is an internationally renowned award-winning author of eight books, and four albums, known as Nature’s Poet Laureate, he is also the founding voice of the Lovevolution. New York Times best selling author Dr. Harold Bloomfield says, “DreamingBear is a modern day voice of nature, experimenting with the literary artistry of living/writing from the wilderness did Thoreau. However, his verse has scientific implications and is both mystic as well as academically inclined. In my opinion, DreamingBear is the Walt-Whitman of his generation, and his work deserves a wide diverse global audience.” DreamingBear has traveled the world extensively speaking before audiences as diverse as international dignitaries, corporate groups, third-world humanitarian-aid concerts, as well as mainstream popular music festivals such as The Harmony Festival, Bhakti Fest, Literacy to End Poverty, The Alchemy Conference, & much more. He has shared the stage with Lauren Hill, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Mark Victor Hansen, Ram Dass, Dr. Emotto, Don Miguel Ruiz & a host of other luminaries committed to inspiring the world. DreamingBear is a frequent guest in the media & has been featured on a myriad of radio, TV, & film programs as well as popular magazines such as Awareness, & Common Ground to name a few. “DreamingBear is a master word-smith delivering his fervent message with extraordinary verbal dexteri- ty and relevance. He’s a nomadic bard, a hip mystic and modern-language Sufic style philosopher-poet all rolled into the best verbal alchemist to hit the scene as long as I can remember! If you’d like to experience a living combination of Spaulding Gray, Rumi, Jack Kerouac, Robin Williams, Shel Silverstien, Michael Talbot and Thich Nhat Hanh – you owe it to yourself to see Dreaming Bear.” ~Frank Marino, Elevate Films~ "I am the voice of the cosmos and I am the voice of nature, the ecstasy of stars is with me and the birth pangs of Earth are with me. The first I convert into new consciousness, for the latter... I become the tongue of trees." Poetically, Dreaming-Bear &

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