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Fire The Officer Responsible For Shooting Max

We are the dominant species on this planet for the moment. We wield great power and with great power comes great responsibility; yet we consistently fail to exercise it. We gut the planet of resources which cannot be replaced, we consume energy in ways which cannot be sustained, but above all we treat the fellow inhabitants of this blue planet with contempt. Everything is a "resource" to us. The name Personnel had the word "Person" in it, so now it's Human Resources. The way we de-personalise people is a tiny trespass compared to our attitude to animals. I eat meat, I'll admit that. But given a choice I'll eat an animal which lived in the sun for a while, experienced freedom and was killed humanely without stress or fear. As an outsider I see American society is suffused with the idea of self reliance. Self defence is part of that self reliant culture... I see that too. But I also see you are too eager to use violence as a solution for too many problems where there may be a better answer, too eager to use safety or security as a justification for harm. From dolphins and whales killed by sonar to people or animals beaten or killed for making you FEEL threatened, even when your own actions are the cause of that behaviour. Loyalty is much admired among humans not so for pets it seems.

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