Hayley Bird Yendell

I have a hunger for wisdom and a tongue for truth! Be it a blessing or a curse, I speak my mind, both openly & honestly! I am currently studying Common Law, Maritime Admiralty Law and Legalise 'the secret language'.. I Cannot believe how blind I have been! Not all that long ago, I would have happily stood regurgitating any given infomation (like a good little lamb), worst of all... Without any question or prior research by myself, Stupidly believing I knew what i was on about!! I'm so passed angry (with myself) for this blindness, that I Genuinely want not for personal gain nor revenge, Infact as strange as this is to me given a little of what i have learned, My sole intention is to be fluent in my knowledge and understanding of Common Law, Maritime Admiralty Law and Legalise 'the secret language'. I will study these subjects, until they are as natural as my breathing! Why? Because I WILL make a difference! My Dream: To confidently stand in court and advise or advocate 'your average commoner' like myself but doesn't have the time and passion i have to invest in this area of Law. I got myself a good few thousand hours of study to do before I believe I am wise enough to advise. I will bring a whole lot of Justice and Honesty back into our courts, or die trying. I hear It is believed we cannot beat the bankers? Thats fine, I'll show everyone how to bankrupt them! Its a known fact Those with more money than sense cannot live without their precious money; Taking that money and power from them will be a fate worse than death in their eyes, or at least I believe it will! :) I am admittedly still very new to this game and believe it would be wise to learn the rules, so to speak before i participate too much in the actual physical participation. :) Question everything, If it does not feel right, Then it is not right! *All infomation i find i share on my blog: Please be aware of the following fact: The infomation i find & share on my blog is not my personal work, I am merely sharing it in order to promote TRUTH! Therefore all due credit & Great thanks goes out to the people who have dedicated their lives to studying and sharing their work in order to empower us with their Wisdom. A Wise Chief once said.... "When you have cut down the last tree, and poisoned the last river, You will know you cannot eat money" Member of The Global Illumination Council- The Peoples United Charter - The World Freeman Society -