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Stop Dolphins Slaughters In Taiji Cove Japan

Please stop and sign this petition, Dolphins will save a human life in they are in danger in the sea, I know this personally as I was saved by a lone dolphin when I was swimming in the pacific ocean and got myself into trouble. The dolphins need us caring humans to step up and be a voice for them. They have no or little chance of survival when they are driven and trapped into the cove. The hunters have no mercy or guilt when they drive a spear into the dolphins spine leaving it to suffer and die a slow death that takes over 30 minutes. It is not just that these hunters need the meat for their survival, they keep some of the dolphins alive and sell them for millions of ponds to Sea life parks and make the dolphin s perform tricks for human entertainment for their basic right and survival of food. It is time this was changed and the only way we can change this barbaric tradition is to make our voices know the the Japanese government and let them know that we will not stand for this murder any more. It sadden me deeply that the human race can be so cruel but I have sent this your way as I know you have a heart and compassion that the lives of these dolphins need to be honored and respected just as our own. Please help save the lives of future dolphins, there is nothing we can do for the past dolphins that have had to endure this nightmare but the future dolphins have a chance of living life in -peace if you act now. Please sign this petition and then ask your friends and family to sign it too. We can be a power force if we stand together and we can get this changed. Send love to the cove.. not anger.. there is enough of that already surrounding this situation, The dolphins needs our pure love light and devotion to be able live, laugh and swim in peace. That is what they deserve. Please never ever support a dolphin or whale show, boycott buying any goods from Japan. They need to feel it hit them hard if we are going to put an end to this horrible tradition forever. Thank you Nikki Brown Canine Angel. (Dolphin Angel too! )

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