David Ian Smillie

I have always had a great respect for our woman of the world as they endure so much to bring our children into this world and work so hard to support their families. Control Freaks and Abusers do not have the right to take away their dignity. Join me in Fighting for their rights by giving them the opportunity to escape this curse and be Happy once again!


This high profile case of abuse which resulted in the death of Reeva Steenkamp at the hands of a celebrity sport star will surely bring awareness to those cases which are not even mentioned in the press let alone getting a just trial against there perpetrators. Lets get behind all of the victims of abuse and get them a fair trial so that they dont…Read More

Was Reeva Steenkamp killed by a trigger-happy Narcissist?
Reeva Steenkamp was a known advocate against Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Abuse. She had actually experienced an emotionally abusive relationship before she started dating Oscar Pistorius. Oscar and Reeva began dating in November 2012, just three short months before her death. An intense attraction, and an aura of celebrity, had…Read More
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