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  • united_states
    Prachi Bhatia

    I was born in India in 1993 After graduating from the University of California, I moved to New York City. During this time, I started Ink Blog as a hobby.

  • migration_human_right
    Hazel Mort
  • keep_calm
    Kate Peters
  • Franny LP
  • Rebecca Park
  • Lydia Oukhaneva
  • animal_abuse
    Carol Holmes
  • Asi Eh
  • International Museum of Women

    An innovative online museum that showcases art, stories, and ideas to celebrate, inspire, and advance the lives of women around the world.

  • Organic Consumers Association

    The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is an online and grassroots non-profit 501(c)3 public interest organization campaigning for healt... Read more

  • MPTF
    Hugh Jackman

    Hollywood actor and global humanitarian. Founder of Laughing Man Coffee & Tea, supporter of Motion Picture & Television Fund.

  • animal_adoption
    Kristin Chenoweth

    Emmy/Tony award winning actress, founded Maddie's Corner to bring attention to animals in need and groups working on their behalf.

  • reduce_gun_violence
    Gabby Giffords

    Proudly represented Arizona in Congress. Founded Americans for Responsible Solutions to protect responsible gun ownership and reduce gun violence.