Marco Amendolagine is supporting

  • CODEPINK: Women for Peace

    We are a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end U.S. funded wars and occupations, to challenge milit... Read more

  • shop_local
    Dan Imhoff

    Author, activist, and small-scale farmer whose many books include Food Fight, Farming with the Wild, and CAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories.

  • Organic Consumers Association

    The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is an online and grassroots non-profit 501(c)3 public interest organization campaigning for healt... Read more

  • Greenpeace

    Greenpeace is the leading independent environmental organization campaigning for a green and peaceful future.

  • Common Cause

    We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working for political change that puts the public interest ahead of special interests. We s... Read more

  • oaklands_a
    Davide Bordoni
  • ows
    hales carly

    Norton Antivirus, you'll be able to unleash up because it works associate degree as a protect to your computer.

  • make_love_not_war
    Niko Papadopoulos

    I'm currently studying medicine in Munich / Germany

  • rainbow_1
    Ray Gvr
  • education_for_all
    Vanessa Lin
  • give_blood
    Kritin Vongthongsri

    A high school student aiming to develop sustainable healthcare systems in developing countries.

  • peace
    Enrico Cagnazzo
  • gay
    Supportive Files

    Hello, This is Niamat Ali from Gilgit Pakistan, the profession is blogging and writing. Qualification is MBA finance. Web blog links:-

  • make_love_not_war
    vivek roy
  • rainbow_1
    anusree menon
  • coexist
    Dave Cornelius
  • Freedom to Marry

    We campaign to win marriage nationwide. Pursuing our Roadmap to Victory national strategy, we create the climate for a Supreme Court vict... Read more

  • MPTF
    Hugh Jackman

    Hollywood actor and global humanitarian. Founder of Laughing Man Coffee & Tea, supporter of Motion Picture & Television Fund.

  • Global Exchange

    We are an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice since 1988. We are a ... Read more

  • Educade

    Educade is a free to use website for teachers and parents that features lesson plans integrated with 21st century teaching tools by grade... Read more

  • Environmental Defense Fund

    We think differently about how to solve environmental problems, working across disciplines and with diverse groups of people.

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