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Address America's Unsustainable National Debt

We the people have not taken the US into debt it has been the Congressional leaders and President who supposedly represent our best interests. We should tariff the US wealthy who we have protected in peace and war. They have used the US as a bastion of their safety and repose. And, used our resources to control and attack their foes and competitors. It is time for them to pay the piper and our national debt. Some such as Buffett has proposed the same formula for paying the debt. Selling US park lands to China is not a good answer as some politicians are willing to do. Cutting our national defense budget and black budgets by 50% per year would pay the debt off in 10 years. Add the US gentry tariff for multi-millionaires and billionaires would speed up that process. If our plutocracy does not accept our offer we can just remind them they need us more than we need them. And, pay off the debt via cutting the defense budget and setting higher taxes on the top 1%.

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