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Ban Forced / Coerced Psychiatric Treatment / Torture

Psychiatric drugs are extremely dangerous and can lead to death. The drugs themselves especially antipsychotic can cause psychosis and violent behavior. Many of shooters in school shootings or public were under the influence of the drugs. Many of these diagnosis are not proven by tests and the stigmatizing labels can lead to innocent people being discriminated against. Workplaces or other institutions can use the diagnosis as an excuse for abuse. Many mental hospitals are known to subject their patient to physical, sexual, verbal, financial, emotional and spiritual abuse. The workers in the mental hospitals tend to abuse patients they consider vulnerable such as pregnant women and children. They give forced abortions and sterilize many victims like common household animals. In the fifties many people have been mutiliated with operations that today they say are obsolete. Psychiatry also increases unemployment because people are on these dangerous medications they suffer many physical illnesses. People develops physical disabilities and abnormalities. Taxes are also increases to pay for homeless shelters because of the high unemployment rate and mental institutions that do nothing but torture and abuse patients. Psychiatry also destroys the fun dentals of education. More children are in special Ed not being properly educated because of fraudulent diagnosis that has no proof or bases. Not to mention the medications make the kids aggressive and violent towards teachers. Just ask yourself is sedating your child with a dangerous drug for a few hours worth them waking up extremely dangerous and violent because it is conveinent to sedate them? Not to mention the is evidence that psychotropic medicines cause brain damage in patients. Those patients not treated by the drugs do not experience brain damage and are less likely to relapse. However people treated with psychotropic medications end up at higher risk of relapse and even death. Not only so these drugs make people so violent that they would commit mass murder but they can also cause suicide in patients . most of these drugs cause infertility,metabolism problems, diabetes, blindness, blood disorders and even cancer. Zyprexa in current research actually killed 200,000 patients most of them were children, elderly and unborn infants,the most vulnerable people in society. Electric convulsions therapy or electric shock therapy can cause serious injury to the brain, commas , strokes, paralysis and even death. The patients are experimented on in mental hospitals and some of them die. Mental hospitals have insanitary or inhumane conditions. Ask yourself should we have people murdered for the sake of profit by few? Also psychiatry is also destroying the Economy because pur tax dollars are going to science that is not proven. 300,000,000,000 dollars is the estimated amount spent on psychiatry. Most of that money can be going to real science that is researched and proven. All that money can bring curing cancer or HIV. There is no bases to the diagnoses because they are made up in a small meeting and voted on. There is no actual scientific research done. No real lab tests. Nothing.

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