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Ripples Foundation is a charity committed to the empowerment of women in Africa, and encouraging community cohesion by increasing knowled... Read more


Meet Omojola. Omojola lives with her 4 beautiful children in a rural village in Nigeria. Before Ripples, Laraba worried every night, unsure if she would be able to feed her children the next morning. Her extended family, who live in the same village are, like all other villagers, subsistence farmers. They all sold very little of what they grow.…Read More
Ripples Foundation's CEO Anne Phillips recently visited a group of children left orphaned by the violence from Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria. How can you help us to help them rebuild their lives?

Rebuilding Young Lives - SEE CHANGE HAPPEN

You probably have heard of Boko Haram, the terrorist group that operate over Northern Nigeria. Their reign of terror has spread across North Africa, particularly over the last 6 years where the group has used bombing, assassinations and abductions to try and push their warped ideology. Many children have been displaced by the group, and thousands…Read More
Every contribution, no matter how small, is appreciated. How can you help children living in poverty?

What can you do to help children living in poverty? - SEE CHANGE HAPPEN

Unfortunately it is always children who have to face many of the world's problems. Below are just some statistics showcasing the harsh reality for children living in poverty. 1. A child born in the world's poorest nations has a 1 in 6 chance of dying before their fifth birthday. In high-income countries, the odds are about 1 in 165.  2. 66…Read More
Ripples Foundation has seen the impact that terror has through working with communities affected by Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria. Nobody is affected more than the children, who often lose family members and struggle to survive. Through our work, we bring communities together and help them work towards a better future. On today, the International…Read More
We need to address the root causes of the migration crisis. Donate to Ripples Box today and contribute towards the development of rural Africa, creating communities that you would be proud to live in. #MakeChangeHappen

Calais Migrant Crisis: The Real Problem - SEE CHANGE HAPPEN

Last Wednesday (19th August) was World Humanitarian Day, and 2015 is definitely a year where attention to this theme is clearly needed. A record number of 1 out of every 122 people on the planet is currently displaced from their homes due to war, persecution and poverty, and in the last few months the media attention has been firmly placed on the…Read More
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