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Denial Of Reasonable Access To Your Own Kids Is Child Abuse

I have 3 boys one being a single father who is 19. I didn't know how horriable the "system" is against fathers. My son signed the voluntary peternity acknowledgement as soon as the "courts" allowed him to do so. He has been involved in EVERY aspect of his child life from the moment he found out he was going to be a father at the age of 15. He finished High School and graduated at age 16, started college at age 17. For the first 3 months of his childs life HE was the one who woke up with him in the night for the feedings, diaper changes and all the other reasons a baby wakes up in the middle of the night. He did this for HIS SON, because he loves him and because he wanted what was best for his son's mother who was still in high school. He wanted to make sure she got the sleep she needed so she could do well in school and graduate. He did this not necessarily for her or to make her life easier but, he did this for his SON, so his son who was a child of teenagers could have both of his parents with at least a high school diploma. When he and his sons mother broke up, they agreed on a 50/50 custody and placement. For the last 18 months this is what he and the mother did. One week with one parent the next week with the other parent. CPS got involved because his son kept getting critically hurt in her care. They found enough evidence to charge her with 3 counts of neglect, and more than probable cause to charge her father (who is a 2nd degree sex offender) with sexual assault of my sons 2 1/2 year old. When my son disagreed with the "informal disposition agreement" and the "saftey plan" and the "obligations" of this agreement, which it clearly states "the child and parents, guardian and legal custodian are notified of their right to object at any time to the facts or terms of this agreement. If there are objections, the intake worker may alter the terms of the agreement or recommend that a petition be filed....." My son did disagree with the terms or "obligations" and rather than his concerns being addressed, the caseworker signed the back where he was supposed to sign "Father refuses to sign" The mother of his child has been and is working with a "parent aide" and she gave her the name of an attorney to talk to about her rights to the child. In wisconsin and in almost EVERY state in the USA a father has NO rights when a child is born out of wed lock. The only rights he has is to sign the paternity acknowlegment and then hire an attorney and spend thousands of dollars to open a custody case so he can have LEGAL shared custody and placement. Until there is such an order an un wed mother can refuse at any point to allow her childs father the right to see his own child or children. There are laws in place stating that it against the law to discriminate people based on race, sex, sexual orientaion, so on and so forth, HOWEVER, this same law does not hold true to family law. Yes the FATHER has the right to file a petition for custody/placement, BUT the MOTHER does NOT have to do this to have custody/placement of the SAME child. This law needs to change, it needs to be equal, I believe there are MANY fathers labeled "deadbeat dads" because they end up not being able to keep affording to go to court and hire attorneys and fight for their children. We the people need to plead with our legislature's to change this sexist and biased law. Please sign this petition for this state and every state, to make changes that are more fair not for the mothers or the fathers BUT for the innocent CHILDREN that deserve to have equal time and love from BOTH parents!!!

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