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Ban Bullfighting In Spain

When Churchill took up the sword against an animal, it was when he assumed the persona of Saint George of England, and slew the Nazi Dragon of Germany in WWII. This is not *a load of Bull*, but it is something that goes right to the heart of humanity, just as those Spanish swords go to the hearts of those taunted and restrained noble creatures. Unlike Spanish Bull-Fighting, WWII was a fair fight, when those on both sides, had an equal chance to defend themselves and win. This, even though most of Germany’s subverted population was fighting from within over the Nazis who were holding 79million of their 80 million formerly decent, unthreatening and peaceful people hostages-of-fear, having unwittingly voted-in Hitler and his murderous gang, to combat the inequities of President Woodrow-Wilson’s grossly-unfair American-imposed one-sided Treaty of Versailles, after the WWI Armistice, where the defeated Kaiser’s former country were force to pick up the tab for everything Today, the world faces another war; this time one where our animal friends are being persecuted and killed – just as human beings were in post-revolutionary Bolshevist Russia (80 million tortured and murdered), and Nazi Germany (six million murdered), but Bulls have hearts and minds, just as those humans had, and that is why they must be protected – like for like - from those who would cause them distress and pain, before ultimate slaughter. Remember, animals are but one hair’s breadth from us Humans, and – once this divide is crossed, and the conclusion is that it’s perfectly OK and all *fair-game* – anybody (or any race or religion), are next in line, and up-for-grabs, in the killing fields ! Listen to *Churchill, By George !* just as the free world listened to Winston Churchill during WWII, when Humanity won the day over insanity !

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