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Just how underhanded is the EPA's new Ozone Rule? Rep. Darrell Issa explains: "Rather than using a fair and open rule-making process, EPA pushed through regulations using sloppy analysis without sufficiently informing Congress or the public of the economic impact." We need you to share this petition with friends and family so we can all tell the…Read More

Proposed ozone regulations may cost triple environmental agency projections |

Washington Examiner
Conversely, the environmental agency estimated that costs would be $15 billion annually starting in 2025, the year officials expect most states to reach the standards. Assuming expenses begin in 2017, NERA's predicted costs more than triple the agency's for the 23-year period. Additionally, officials estimate "that reducing pollution to meet…Read More
A new study suggests the EPA's new Ozone Regulation may cause MORE cases of childhood asthma. It's time to stop this destructive new rule.

Study Undermines Scientific Basis for EPA’s Ozone Rule - American Energy Alliance

American Energy Alliance
Researchers have long thought that there was a correlation between living in urban areas and asthma prevalence. This is part of a belief that outdoor air pollution, which is often worse in inner-city areas, contributes to asthma development. However, a new study questions the link between asthma and city living. It shows that once we adjust for…Read More