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I am more committed than ever to promote laws against the consumption of dog and cat meat since I received a message from someone on FB stating that if I haven’t lived in China then how would I know if it is normal or not to eat dog or cat meat. Just fyi I lived 1 year in Hong Kong and other parts of the East and Far East. The message also mentioned that if the Chinese didn’t eat dogs or cats then they would revert to cows and sheep, a complete assumption, like it was assumed of me that I was posting petitions without in depth knowledge of the topics I was passionate about. The Yulin dog eating festival only started in 1990, where > 10,000 dogs are slaughtered barbarically every year. The consumption of dog meat in China outdates written history, just as the practice of slaughtering cattle predates biblical times. The underlying message was the West imposes their superiority on the other cultures and that unless we don’t clean up our act on animal slaughter of any kind, then the Chinese should be left to their own devices. The Chinese themselves are slowly but surely being sensitized to the plight of cats and dogs and are voting in favor for non-existent laws on dog and cat meat consumption to be passed and implemented by their Government. It is difficult to fight for the rights of animals when people promote such messages layered with ambiguity, antagonism, even racism, to mention but a few major issues in a well written article but clear when reading in between the lines, while at the same time claiming to care for deeply for animals. I was even asked if I eat eggs as a vegetarian, to know more on what true vegetarianism is all about, read about the Jain culture in India. Do vegetarians wear leather shoes …??? We can’t change the world at the unrealistic snap of the fingers, but one step at a time. Change is not going to happen overnight, just as we’ve been going back and forth on stockpile sales of rhino horns and elephant tusks, canned and trophy hunting, etc., we need to work together, not create rifts through provocation guised as “evolution”. It takes a lot of maturity, and awareness on self-perception to tackle delicate issues without upsetting the sensitivities of other people and cultures, I’m no expert, but I’ll keep trying.

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