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Your tax dollars are paying for state legislators to lobby Congress for an Internet Sales Tax mandate!

Wednesday Is Tax-the-Internet Day

As we went to press Monday, state legislators from across the U.S. were heading to Washington to demand more power to impose tax collections on the Internet. What is bound to enrage Web merchants and consumers alike is that they’re the ones paying for this lobbying campaign. You read that correctly. The National Conference of State Legislatures…Read More
The compliance and accounting costs make the regulatory burden of MFA a smothering force on innovation and economic growth.

Internet Sales Tax a Drain on Small Businesses

Americans for Tax Reforms
It is essential to small business owners throughout the country that an Internet sales tax not become law. Senator-elect Steve Daines of Montana has detailed the ramifications of an Internet sales tax for hundreds of thousands of American small businesses. As a Representative of a no sales tax state, Congressman Daines is familiar with the…Read More
Proponents say an Internet Sales Tax mandate would “level the playing field” between online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores, but a study of 10,000 shoppers found the opposite: Consumers are far more likely to research products online before purchasing them at a local shop.

STEVE DAINES: Harry Reid’s Internet sales tax bill would sap small business shopping

The Washingtion Times
By Steve Daines - - Sunday, November 30, 2014 As millions of Americans shop online this Cyber Monday, Sen. Harry Reid is plotting to pass Internet sales tax legislation soon that would increase online shoppers’ tax burden and land a decisive blow against thousands of mom and pop online retailers. Among them…Read More
On Wednesday, Speaker Boehner stood firm against an Internet sales tax. Congress must now pass a permanent Internet Tax Moratorium in order to end this attempt to inhibit digital liberty once and for all.

Speaker Boehner Holds Line against Internet Sales Tax

Americans for Tax Reforms
On Wednesday, Speaker Boehner stood firm against an Internet sales tax. Speaker Boehner said the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) will not come to the floor this Congress, preventing the Internet sales tax (IST) mandate from coming to a vote during the lame-duck session of the 113th Congress. We expect that his statement also means that IST will…Read More
Taxes aren’t just about government revenue. They’re also about privacy. If the Marketplace Fairness Act passes, government officials from US states and territories would be able to audit online businesses where we’ve shopped and see every detail of our personal purchases.
While you’re shopping on Cyber Monday, let’s be grateful that Sen. Harry Reid didn’t get an opportunity to pass an Internet Sales Tax mandate or you might have $360 less to spend on your family and friends. Let's keep the pressure on Congress to kill Internet taxes! Urge your friends to sign the petition.
On Tuesday, ATR’s Katie McAuliffe delivered our "Kill Internet Taxes" petition to Senator-Elect Steve Daines and Sen. Ted Cruz. Both senators share your desires to stop any attempts to tax the Internet. Let’s keep the pressure on Congress by urging more people to sign the petition!
Yesterday, Sen. Reid and advocates of an Internet Sales Tax mandate were dealt a major blow as Speaker John Boehner vowed to kill any bill that contains an Internet Sales Tax mandate in the lame-duck session of Congress!

ATR Praises Boehner for Internet Tax Stance

Americans for Tax Reforms
As reported by Roll Call on Monday night, when asked about the so-called ‘marketplace fairness act’ House Speaker John Boehner’s spokesman said: The speaker has made clear in the past he has significant concerns about the bill, and it won’t move forward this year,” said spokesman Kevin Smith. “The Judiciary Committee continues to examine the…Read More
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