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68% of Americans oppose an increase in the gasoline tax to spend more for infrastructure. Gas tax hikes may be popular among lawmakers in Washington and state houses around the country—as well as with the special interest groups who stand to benefit—but average Americans are quick to oppose the idea.

Gas Tax Hikes Are Not The Answer

Guest post written by Christine Harbin Hanson Ms. Hanson is national issue campaign manager at Americans for Prosperity. For most Americans across the country, the lower prices at the gas pump have had a direct positive impact on everyday living. The average price of a gallon of gasoline hovers around $2 across the country, saving the…Read More
Before even considering increasing the gas tax, politicians should implement reforms to ensure that current gas tax revenue is spent efficiently.

Politicians Claim the Highway Trust Fund is Broke, But Spend Money on Squirrel Sanctuaries and Bike Paths

Americans for Tax Reforms
 Annually, the federal government takes $39 billion from taxpayers for the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) and now they’re asking for even more.   Since 2008, the federal government has spent has accumulated $55 billion in debt.  The HTF must be reformed to ensure that taxpayer money is being protected and spent wisely.   Washington politicians want…Read More
Some House Democrats introduced legislation that would nearly double the federal gas tax to 33.4 cents per gallon claiming that Congress needs to replenish the Highway Trust Fund (HTF). Politicians never explain to you where these funds go. According to Cato Institute's Chris Edwards, a full one-quarter of HTF spending is used on non-highway…Read More

House Dem bill would nearly double gas tax

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) is pushing to nearly double the 18.4-cents-per-gallon federal gas tax that is traditionally used to pay for federal transportation projects.  Blumenauer is reintroducing legislation he offered last year to increase the gas tax by 15 cents over the next three years, matching a proposal that was included in the 2011…Read More
Rep. Earl Blumenauer and several transportation groups urged Congress to nearly double the current gas tax yesterday as the "only viable alternative" to fixing America's transportation needs. He promised this would be the last time Congress ever asked for higher gas taxes. Sure, that's believable. Unfortunately for taxpayers, Blumenauer and his…Read More
Unsurprisingly, Congress doesn’t need to hike the gas tax to fund the Highway Trust Fund (HTF). According to research from Americans for Prosperity, the HTF would be 98% solvent overnight if Congress directed funds solely towards highway projects. We can stop Congress from raising the gas tax, but they need to hear from you. Sign the…Read More

A higher gasoline tax would throttle back economic growth
Falling gasoline prices — are they good or bad? Ask any American consumer and the answer will be a resounding “good.” Gas prices have dropped by more than a dollar in the last three months. This translates into a de facto tax cut of at least $125 billion, equivalent to 2.4 million middle-class family incomes. For the average family, the savings…Read More
A federal gas tax increase would not only fail to address our nation’s transportation and infrastructure needs; it would also increase the burden of government on families and small businesses. Help Americans for Tax Reform end any discussion of a gas tax hike by urging your friends and family to sign our petition today! #TanktheGasTax

Conservatives mobilize against gas tax hike

A group of 50 conservative organizations in Washington is mobilizing opposition to an increase in the 18.4 cents per gallon federal gas tax to pay for new transportation projects in the U.S.  Talk of hiking the gas tax for the first time in more than 20 years has spiked in Washington as prices at the pump have fallen to their lowest levels in…Read More
Despite the fact that lower gas prices will save American families $550 per year, politicians are still talking about hiking the gas tax. Urge your family and friends to sign our petition to #TanktheGasTax!

The Grover Norquist Show: 3 Reasons Why Congress Doesn't Need to Raise the Gas Tax

Americans for Tax Reforms
This week, ATR’s Grover Norquist and Chris Prandoni discussed the potential gasoline tax hike, which congress has been considering as a solution to our rapidly draining Highway Trust Fund. Despite the fact that lower gas prices will save American families $550 per year, politicians are still talking about hiking the gas tax.  The current gas…Read More
If Republicans raise the federal gas tax, they will destroy the political capital accumulated in the aftermath of last year’s Democrat-crushing elections.

Don’t Even Think About Raising The Gas Tax

The Daily Caller
4442571 Gas prices in the U.S. have fallen to their lowest levels in years and the great debate over the federal gas tax has resurfaced. As the Washington Post recently concluded, at $2 a gallon “now is the best time Washington has seen in years to raise the federal gas tax.” If Republicans raise the federal gas tax, they will destroy the…Read More
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