Concerned Veterans for America

Concerned Veterans for America advocates for policies that will preserve the freedom and liberty we and our families so proudly fought an... Read more

Concerned Veterans for America's supporters

  • domestic_violence
    Adrienne Lovett

    My goal is to bring awareness to Huntington Disease, as well as other rare diseases. They're often neglected & the Disabled individuals aren't receiving care.

  • Sammy Sin

    Hello, I’m Mrhd. I’m a software engineer. I am a fan of music, fashion, and movies. I’m also interested in photography, Dance Cooking sometimes i go for work

  • animal_rights
    Patricia Mansir
  • usa_number_1
    Anna Everson

    Hi, my name is Anna Everson and I'm a certified content marketer and copywriter. Now I am working as a freelance copywriter in Cooksville.

  • education_for_all
    Akafack Jauvany

    I am jauvany and I am the Founder / President of Safe Grammar School. My dream is to see thousands of students attend secondary and high school who cannot yet.

  • cancer_research_saves_lives
    Nisha Pandey
  • Brad Lee
  • taoist
    Samuel Ludwick
  • animal_adoption
    Cherie Landry
  • animal_rights
    Linda Mayo
  • support_the_elderly
    Paul Dumond
  • disability_rights
    Maria Pureza
  • Maria Salazar

    Am single mother to one and only daughter Amy 15 year old ...... she’s is the one I see everytime and I think is the right time for me to have the right one

  • Pat Cristina
  • reduce_gun_violence
    lala ram
  • christianity
    Saurav Mishra online portal for ssc railways jobs alert at one point

  • keep_calm
    huongnghiep aau

    Hướng Nghiệp Á Âu – Trường dạy nấu ăn, pha chế, làm bánh, nhà hàng khách sạn uy tín và đã có hơn 17 chi nhánh hoạt động trên khắp cả nước #HNAAu #HướngNghiệpÁÂu

  • taoist
    Jay Inn
  • ows
    hales carly

    Norton Antivirus, you'll be able to unleash up because it works associate degree as a protect to your computer.

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