Energy Citizens

Energy Citizens are people around the nation who support including oil and natural gas in our national energy strategy. #EnergizeUSA #Nat... Read more

Energy Citizens's supporters

  • education_for_all
    Platform Needy
  • Maha Ali
  • coexist
    Claude Tremblay

    i give people the opportunnity to do a good action and receive good karma those who judge me well only God can judge me so be ready to become ur own judgement :

  • keep_calm
    Peter Jaems
  • Sharyn B Koosed
  • education_for_all
  • Ondina Pessoa
  • Natalie Smith

    Retired teacher and financial planner.

  • Rahil Ali

    2 be a dynamic and caring organisation that inspires positive action and helps create an environment of love.respect n cooperation in our society. *MISSION* To improve the quality of life of marginalised sec of society by individual groups into realizing their humanitarian concern;n by providing a venue 4 them 2 contribute their resources through relevant n responsive programme. M.rahil khan 1113-0981-009379-011 Bank Al-habib CONTACT 03002588192

  • farmers_market
    Buata Taishion
  • pro_life
    priyanka M
  • cancer_research_saves_lives
    Douglas  Holmes
  • animal_abuse
    jordan obrien
  • think_global
    Rotaract Club Maseru

    A global effort to bring peace and international understanding to the world. We are a non-religious, non-political and non-profit organisation.

  • christianity
    Mihail Kulev

    Hello, my nephew is ill with cystic fibrosis, we support his life with drugs, these drugs are very expensive, we do not have enough money to buy him every day.

  • farmers_market
    vijay lobo
  • libertarian
    James  Cooper

    Famous math teacher and essay writer from EssayPro, We will talk about new technologies in education, communication and motivational techniques.

  • one_less_car
    Stalbek Mederov
  • domestic_violence
    Adrienne Lovett

    My goal is to bring awareness to Huntington Disease, as well as other rare diseases. They're often neglected & the Disabled individuals aren't receiving care.

  • gay
    Sammy Sin

    Hello, I’m Mrhd. I’m a software engineer. I am a fan of music, fashion, and movies. I’m also interested in photography, for more visit

  • usa_number_1
    Anna Everson

    Hi, my name is Anna Everson and I'm a certified content marketer and copywriter. Now I am working as a freelance copywriter in Cooksville.

  • education_for_all
    Akafack Jauvany

    I am jauvany and I am the Founder / President of Safe Grammar School. My dream is to see thousands of students attend secondary and high school who cannot yet.

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