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This CAMPIGN is all about going Green and taking something like a old used tire, and turning it into fuel, roads, playground mulch and this is just the start. Mission; Our mission at Green tire INC. is to remove as many tires as possible out of these landfills and to bring them into out facilities to process them into either fuel, for Industrial Companies in Nevada and throughout the USA. There is also playgrounds that use the crumbled rubber to make a soft cushioning ground to help with injuries, even asphalt is starting to use some of the rubber in the cement mixture when they pave highways. But this CANNOT be done without HELP, This is NOT an easy business to get going without the proper funds and regulators permissions to start We also need EPA officials and Government to acknowledge that what we want to accomplish is for the benefit for not only us, but the future of kids and the Environment they will be living in in 20+ years. All I need is some help funding our GREEN tire business, some supporters and some EPA thumbs up and I think that GREEN tire INC would catch on around the world if it isnt starting to already. The first 3 years will be the challege for us, but I beieve in out company and I am so excited to find out how far we can take it. MISSION ONE: BELIEVEING that our business plan will work and we WILL make NEVADA GREENER and more effieciet when it comes to the use of energy and using all the wonderful resources that are available to them here. Company Overview To clean up landfills of tires throughout Las Vegas, Nevada, transport them to a EPA inspected piece of land, that will be owned by GREEN tire, and to have the equipment to to turn the tires into fuel. Then as a cliental is built, we will have recycled tires for fuel, playground mulch, asphalt mix, and will do as much research and developement to create more uses for the tires. Description GREEN tire INC is a small business that my husband and I have been developing and researching for about a year. He moved to Las Vegas a couple years before me and noticed while living here, that the tire pile up in the desert is getting to an environmentally unsafe level, and that there must be a way to RECYCLE these tires safely out of these landfills that could be seen by space, and with A LOT o... See More General Information A GREEN Co. located in the United States that focuses on the reuse of recycled tires. Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, were we are seeing most of the tires dumped. The problem with tires just sitting in landfills is that they leak patroleum and it seeps into the soil making it a hazard to everyone is range. HELP NEVADA CLEAN UP THIS MESS AND TURN OUR BEAUTIFUL CITY INTO A GREEN STATE!!!

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