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Stop Any Kind Of Safari Hunting In Africa

I love nature & how it naturally looks & happens. Food chain comes from nature & with hunting, you'll alter the nature. You may not see it now, but years later, our children may only know how animals look like, mainly from the internet. Maybe you're ignorant that you don't see why these safari animals are so important to be kept, I mean we don't eat them, we don't keep them, they just run free in the wild in fact they won't even spare a second thinking whether to kill us or not, if we're standing right in front of them. But that's what makes us human, we think then we act. They act like that because that's their nature, that's what they're supposed to do, attacking & killing due to their naturally protective instinct. And there is not even one in this world of God creation that doesn't mean anything. And they just wanna live happily in the wild. So let them be. Don't hunt them for their skin or horn or meat or any other things matter. Don't be greedy. Don't hunt for hobby. Just don't kill animal without any sane purpose please

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