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Delhi Gang Rape: We Demand Justice

RAPE,a joyful practice for those sinful people whose tendency towards women is very fallen.this people think that women are just a commodity which can be used anyhow!this is a blemish(spot) on the alertness of our India!INDIA,one of the most renowned country in the world regarding cruel practices!do you know why this blemish is been drawn on our country?all this sinful act is taken place due to us!don't be so amazed!i am speaking the truth!we are irresponsible towards the welfare of women,whenever we see a women whose respect is being looted,we just stand over there just like a statue,there are some people who wholeheartedly help the women by taking an action against them,but this people are very scarce! The matter of RAPE is being drastically increasing in our country!i am a 13 year old boy and I am a human and not a beast but I could say that who practice this sinful act,we can call them as beast,they have no right to live in our country,they should be stabbed at once! That victim(women) could be a daughter of someone,mother of someone,sister of someone,wife of someone but those beast would never understand this thing! Come on let's prove that women are an important aspect in our society!lets prove those beast that a women can do anything they have the capability which is equal to men!if you don't want this to take place again signed this petition!lets punish those beasts!please sign,it is the question on the respect of our nation's women!

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