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დ╮❤╭დ╯ May I become A protector for those without. A guide for those who have lost their way A place of refuge for those without And help all I can

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Fight Against Woman And Child Abuse

Domestic Abuse is still a stigma. Still painfully brushed off. Yet, it's wrath destroys lives and touches many around it. As it takes many faces, ANYONE can fall in its trap. Domestic abuse does not discriminate. It isn't just physical. It is also : Emotional. Verbal. Sexual. Financial. Psychological, and in some cases, fatal. I survived all forms of it and dodging the fatality twice. It left me isolated, depressed, paranoid and hopeless. With my four year old son, my hero, we escaped and now slowly rebuilding. Many wounds still sting and will take more time to heal. But we made it alone, alive. NEVER, will I let anyone suffer this agony! I will be their voice. I will help them out and teach them to heal.

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