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I personally know what it is like to grow up thinking your Dad doesn't care about you. It's not the kind of feeling that helps you, to succeed at the the things you aspire to do, and be. To others I would like to say that, regardless of what your mother told you, or whatever you thought, there is 2 sides to every story, and you should get your Dads side of the story, it may surprise you, to know how much he really does care. And even if it doesn't turn out as you'd like, what would you loose, absolutely nothing! Or how family court did not support his presence in your life. Getting his side of the story, could provide you with healing, and an overflowing amount of love, that you may not of even realized was possible. For anyone that has not directly heard your Dads side, to the story of you, I highly recommend you find him, and hear it! You can't imagine what you might be missing. Doing so, is one of the most important things I have ever done, and it made all the difference in my adult life, I waited til I was 26, don't wait, just do it. I am so loved, and Thankful to be aware of it. Diana Starr Sharp.

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