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To provide funding of quality addiction treatment for those who have financial need and strong motivation for recovery. Free Recovery Fo... Read more


To provide funding of quality addiction treatment for those who have financial need and strong motivation for recovery.

Free Recovery Foundation is a 501(c)3, non-profit Charity, whose mission is to provide funding of quality addiction treatment for those with financial need and strong motivation for recovery. In short, we pay for chemical dependency treatment for those who cannot afford care.

Nichole Beattie, Co-Founder, was moved to organize Free Recovery Foundation after years of watching her father, David Beattie, struggle with alcoholism, homelessness and a subsequent inability to receive quality treatment because of his lack of funds and health insurance. Alcoholic circumstances took Nicholes dad’s life in May of 2003. Despite his own struggles her dad spent the earlier part of his life working with other addicts and alcoholics to help provide them the treatment they needed.

It is now our privilege to work in her father’s memory to raise money to fill in the huge gap left by insurance companies, the economy, ignorance, intolerance and over-priced self-labeled treatment facilities, and to help other alcoholics and drug addicts receive QUALITY treatment for their disease. Everyone deserves the best treatment available.

Andrew Brin, Co-Founder, after working in the treatment setting as a counselor for over 10 years, knew the minute Nichole told of her dream that it had to be made a reality. Andrew has personally worked with hundreds and hundreds of addicts and their families who have struggled with the challenge to get good treatment. Free Recovery Foundation fills a much needed space in the treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction and other addictions.

We believe addiction is a progressive and fatal disease for which there DOES exists very effective treatment. That effective treatment is very expensive. Only the most rare and expensive health Insurance covers quality treatment for addictions, and even then, it pays for the lowest level of care first and the highest level only after many failed, and potentially fatal and heartbreaking attempts by the addict to get help.

Free Recovery Foundation offers more. We believe that very few families can afford this amount and so again treatment is compromised with the belief that something is better than nothing. This leaves those with financial need presenting themselves to organizations whose purpose, though honorable, is not the primary treatment of addiction. Emergency Rooms, government-run psychiatric programs, and homeless shelters are those main resources. These do not work, they are not equipped.

We wish that ANY addict with a strong motivation for recovery have proper resources available, and for that, Free Recovery Foundation exist. We know that none of your lives have been untouched by addiction, believing this to be so, we invite you to join our mission. Your donation is %100 tax-deductible.

1. Co-Founder Nichole Beattie

2. Co-Founder Andrew Brin