This is an article from the Western Australian shark culling laws being brought into the state, as you can see alot of people have come together to support the anti-culling laws.

Shark cull: nationwide protests against 'catch and kill' policy in WA

the Guardian
Thousands of West Australians rallied at Perth's Cottesloe beach on Saturday, calling for an end to the state government's contentious "catch-and-kill" shark policy. At the same time thousands more protesters gathered on Manly beach in Sydney carrying placards, wearing foam shark fins and chanting "stop the cull!". Hundreds of people also…Read More
This is an article about shark attack survivors that are rallying together to support the anti-slaughtering and finning laws globally. Have a read and sign the petition to support against slaughtering.

Shark Attack Survivors Unite to Save Sharks - Pew Environment Group

The Pew Charitable Trusts
  About the Survivors “If a group like us can see the value in saving sharks, shouldn’t everyone?” –Debbie Salamone, attack survivor and shark conservation advocate CONTACT: Debbie Salamone, 407.982.0958 Shark attack survivors from around the globe have joined the Pew Environment Group’s effort to restore and conserve the world’s dwindling…Read More
This is a funny comeback on shark slaughtering laws with someone making an article from the sarks point of view. It is a really good read and you can understand what a shark could be thinking about it.

Sharks to begin human cull off the Western Australian coast - The Skewer

The Skewer
Australia’s sharks are planning to begin culling humans off the Western Australian coast. The cull, slated to occur in areas where human attacks on sharks have been the most frequent, is aimed at protecting sharks in some of their favourite habitats. Sharks say the cull is in response to an increase in the number of human attacks in recent…Read More
A navy clearance diver who lost a leg and a forearm in a shark attack has come out against the Western Australian shark cull, describing it as "stupid" and a "knee-jerk reaction". Paul de Gelder was on exercises in Sydney Harbour in 2009 when he was attacked by a bull shark that bit off his arm and leg. Since then he has had to use specially made…Read More
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