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A little of my story: I met my ex husband back in my home country when I was 15 years old. We got married after 1 year of dating. He is 17 years older than me. I came to United States after a few months of marriage and there is when it all started. I do not have any family in United States therefore he never cared if I threatened to leave because of his behaviors. I called the police on him numeral times and they didn't help me because it was "a domestic dispute" according to the police officers. In 2012 I went thru a divorce because of physical,psychological and sexual abuse. YES, he use to abuse me in every way possible. My ex used to verbally abuse my kids as well. His boss forced him to go for psychological evaluations and he was in anger management classes for several months. After 11 years of "marriage"I asked him for a divorce but he didn't wanted that. So I decided to leave the house and went to several shelters in which I didn't got any type of help. Why I didn't left him before? Well, first of all I do not have family in United States, I didn't have any friends because I wasn't allowed to. I didn't speak the language because I wasn't allowed to go to a school to learn it so I decided to learn it on my own watching videos and doing my own research and yes, I was afraid of leaving just like that without any money. Without any support. Without knowing anything about this country. I was afraid of him. My divorce was final 2 years ago and the judge decided to give my babies and EVERYHYNG else (2 houses,2 cars, savings plus kids) to my ex husband because I took the kids out of the state when I when to the women shelters (something that I wasn't supposed to do, according to the judge. Because is considered "kidnaping") even with all the proof that I have against my ex husband-the judge didn't care. Im struggling to come up with ideas to get my kids back-to make the judge change his mind. We have been thru a lot. I don't have any money for a lawyer retaining fee. I have paid more than 50,000 in lawyers in less than 2 years and my credit card can't stretch anymore. And YES, I have called and emailed to numeral legal aid societies in the state and out of state and I just get a "NO" " we do not take parenting cases" as a response. I even reached to law firms asking for a payment plan but all I got was a big "NO". I need help to get my babies back. I am desperate. I am concerned for my kids. My kids are afraid of their dad. I need help please. Even if you cannot donate money please donate your time by sharing this with friends and family and also keeping my family in your prayers as we go through one of the most devastating moments of our lives. If you are a parent I know you will be able to relate to my desperation. We are Now depending on the generosity of others to reunite our family again.- Throughout your kindness TODAY We can do this! -With just a simple "click"!!!.- I know that there is HOPE and that HOPE is YOU! Your gift will change our lives forever!!! Thank you for reading and God bless you all!!

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