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Bosnian Government: Protect The Stray Dogs Instead Of Killing Them

Everyone please, urgent plea for signatures for the Bosnian stray dogs. I know it feels like all we ever do is put signatures on Petitions tirelessly but we need to reach these people who are corrupt to the core, who take money from the European Union but don't use it to put the infrastructure in place to build shelters which can then be used to rehome and adopt and even spay neuter programmes to prevent more dogs. In essence this is what the dog catcher wants tho. Dogs a plenty for killing they are paid €10 per tail. So it's a lucrative business when they've decimated such programmes in favour of street slaughtering and capture by the most inhumane means, usually electrical wire. Where it's slicing dogs flesh and the dog is petrified screaming in pain. All this I front of children, tourists, tourists children and the rest of country and the world. Yet they seem so laid back about the whole situation as if it doesn't go on. They will actually tell you bare faced lies to your face while you show them evidence. Bizarre!!! However run up to election each party uses the dogs to tug people to vote saying they will change they way they do things they will stop the methods in an attempt to mislead, misinform, and manipulate voters. This has happened term after term and once they've gained reign it's back to the old methods without as much as a blink of an eye.. Corrupt and deluded or plain ignorant! It's got to stop the stories the pictures the footage is all real for Bosnians and they despise what is going on too. Many have tried to save mums and pups and had their own pets stolen and killed in the process. It's all money to the catchers. The police have little or no say anymore now they have corrupt the gov to allow them to govern themselves how they see fit. These d they see

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