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I'm 35 yrs old with a lifelong illness called Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. I love animals, support = rights for all, respect Vets & want to make a change!

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Legalize It! End Marijuana Prohibition

As you all know I and many (too many )of my dear friends suffer from illnesses that are painful in so many ways, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and especially physically! Let's just stop this charade and legalize this plant that would be so helpful in many ways not just for illness! Hemp can be used for many things! In my opinion I find it hard to swallow that alcohol is legal and prescription drugs (man made chemicals) are legal but this plant that comes from our beautiful Mother Earth for our use is illegal ! We need this! We need this now and if government would tax it there's help for our economy! Jobs for Farmers, scientists, laborers, all sorts of jobs! We will still need pharmacies and pharmacists. What is the problem?? For those that read the Holy Bible I recall THE LORD saying: I give you all seed bearing plants and herbs to use.... Let's forget the Cult Classic Reefer Madness way of thinking and move on to reality and facts! Thank you for your time and signatures! I also read that since the state of Colorado legalized marijiuana, violence is down by 60%! One love! Thank you and please sign that's all you need to do! Sincerely. Jennifer Devine

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