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No More Zoos

Please stop buying pets from pet stores or breeders. How are animal shelters are teaming with beautiful and sweet souls ready for a home. If it is a purebred dog you must have then head to your animal shelter or look around at multiple shelters and do you will 100% find a purebred dog or cat. Our animal shelters don't just have dogs and cats. If you're looking for a bunny or even a snake our shelters have tons of different kinds of animals including all sorts of reptiles, rodents, birds, the list truly goes on and on just keep looking and you will find that animal that needs a home. Remember to not just look at your local animal shelter but once all over the city even The state. You can also call around. Remember, there are so many imprisoned animals that have not done anything to deserve it. So always remember to ADOPT DON'T SHOP! It's cheaper and you're saving a life and helping your community. It's a total win-win!!! PLEASE SIGN EVERY SECOND COUNTS AND OUR ANIMALS ARE COUNTING ON YOU! IT REALLY ONLY TAKES FIVE SECONDS!

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