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Stop War On Gaza

Since the Iraq WMD lies, I question my knowledge of the US, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Israeli... Mid East & global conflicts. I find that primarily WAR is over MONEY, PROFITS, RESOURCES & LAND at the EXPENSE of Everything & Everyone involved. Then I read Miko Peled's research of Israel & the IDF. Miko is an Israeli Jew who's father was an IDF General who lead regiments in the 1967 war. Miko was given unhinded access into IDF archives, what he found shocked him, everything he thought he knew about Israel & Palestine, was wrong! (see: ) Pre 1930 only 1% of Palestine were Jews & they lived peacefully with Muslims & Christians. Only after European Jews moved to Palestine did conflict & terrorism begin, by the Jews against the British, Palestinians, Muslims & Christians. Inexplicably Britain gave these European Jews 55% of Palestine with most of the water & fertile land? Since that time Israel undertook Arparthied, Harassment and consistent land grabs through a massive military build up (now: Nuclear Equiped, 4000 Tanks, Navy, Air Force, Standing army...). Palestinians who had their land taken from them are down to 20% of their original land area!!! Now we see a concerted effort against the PEOPLE of Gaza, Israel is out to wipe them off the face of the Earth, Why? Not because of Katyusha rockets which Israel considers pop-gun rockets without guidance, range or explosive power. No its Money! There is a Gas Field just off Gaza which belongs to the Palestinians. Israel is going to take it. First Israel will clear Gaza of Civilians; by slaughtering men, women & children! We must Question everything & STOP All WARS of Aggression. USMC Mjr General S Butler said: "War is a racket," "the US Military are used as Gangsters &Thugs for (Corporate) Capitalism." War is the only Business where so few Profit So Much at the Expense of So many! Ask Questions, Do Research & Take Action. The Reason Israel is Bombing Gaza: is for a GAS Field!!! IDF killed 3 Israeli teenagers as False Flag to begin Act of Genocidal Profiteering!!! Israel negotiates with Cheney Oil Company to Drill for OIL IN SYRIA: History of Palestine: US Woman in Israel/Palestinian:- An Honest Israeli Soldiers Story: SCG: Fall of Iraq-You Aren’t Being Told: Troops talk about Halliburton: Iraq 4Sale, War Profiteers: War is a Racket: 10yrs later-Money trail of 9/11 La Rouche, puts pieces together; covert funding, developing Al Qaeda, covert drug & arms trade, international money laundering, ridding the world of Sovereign Countries, the US & World economy: US History-False Flag Lies-Wars: History False Flags-State Sponsored Terror; 100 Years of US Invasions: John Stockwell ex-13year CIA section chief, telling how the US is Training Death Squads, Militia & Secret Armies: Taliban, Mujahedin, Contras, Al Qaeda

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