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    Van Jones

    Co-host on Crossfire CNN. Dad. Cofounder: Rebuild the Dream, Green For All, Color Of Change & Ella Baker Center. Advocate for social justice & sustainability.

  • Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Northwest Arkansas

    We are a community supported effort creating BETTER, BRIGHTER futures for single parent families by offering ENCOURAGEMENT and ACCESS to ... Read more

  • Texas Parents Union

    The Texas Parents Union (TXPU) is a grassroots organization seeking to represent parents and children across Texas in public education po... Read more

  • Protect Internet Freedom

    Protect Internet Freedom is a group focused on defending a free and open Internet, and preserving it as a tool for democratic distributio... Read more

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    William Sr.

    i am but a gardener sowing seeds of love and light wherever i go.

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    Sudeshna G
  • animal_abuse
    Roger Payne

    Dogs mad looney

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    Abdul Khan

    Indian Economist, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Public intellectual, Environmentalist, Athlete, Mentor for youth, Communication Expert and Career Adviser...

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    Isidoro Rodriguez

    I filed a U.N Complaint about “impunity” and absolute immunity to government attorneys, employees, and judges for unlawful acts (http://www.isidororodriguez.com).

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