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Boycott Travel & Tourism To South Africa

South Africa's wildlife is at the point of extinction due to commercialization of its very own wildlife the Lions, Cheetas, Rhinos and Elephants. Due to the high demand of widlife souvenir such as fur, skin, horn and tusks these animals are hunted to its brink of extinction. Hunting for the entertainment for the riches and corruption within the Govt has only added to the misery of these majestic animals unique to Africa..The only way this destruction can stop is by getting rid of the root of the cause "Entertainment and Exploitation" Should we just sit and watch another tragic aftermath, the human civilization has bought upon us in the name of greed or should we stand up and do something about it ?? Please join the rest of the world and sign the petition urging the South African prime minister to" STOP COMMERCIAL EXPLOITATION"Save these very unique and diverse species the pride of Africa, Our Legacy to our next generation. Thank you

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