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1st Quarter #GDP was revised yet again and it has only gotten worse. The economy contracted 2.9% in the 1st quarter!

Income inequality is worse under Obama

The president is getting dangerously close to leaving a legacy of soaring corporate profits and slumping wages. Americans today are very worried about income inequality. A Gallup poll this month found that 67 percent of Americans are unhappy with the distribution of income and wealth in the U.S. The disappointment goes across party lines --…Read More
When will the US get back on track? $3.9 Trillion in a budget is absurd! Don't miss AFP President Tim Phillips' article in Forbes.

The Non-Existent Era of Austerity

Guest post written by Tim Phillips Mr. Phillips is the president of Americans for Prosperity. When President Obama unveiled his $3.9 trillion 2015 budget earlier this year, it was heralded as an end to the “painful austerity” that has apparently gripped America for the past few years. According to this narrative, Washington has been a model…Read More
Find out more about how YOUR tax dollars have been wasted on corporate welfare abroad!

Export Import Bank, Our money sent abroad | Americans for Prosperity

Export Import Bank, Our money sent abroad May 21, 2014 JBanking & Financial Services, Budget & Spending By Eric Peterson Why has the largest foreign holder of American debt received more than $7 billion in loans backed by U.S. taxpayers?  To prop up foreign companies directly compete with American businesses. The Export…Read More
Check out Shannon's story on how Obamacare is making life difficult for her family of seven!

WENDT: How Obamacare harms my family

The Washingtion Times
When President Obama promised, “If you like your plan, you can keep it” and “If you like your doctors, you can keep them,” I believed him. I thought it had to be true since it was repeated so many times by others in Washington. That was foolish. In late October, we found out that the plan we’ve had for five years was going to be canceled at the…Read More
Check out AFP's response to the latest Obamacare enrollment numbers:

AFP Responds to Latest ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers | Americans for Prosperity

AFP Responds to Latest ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers March 28, 2014 Arlington, Va. – Today Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s foremost advocate for health care freedom, responded to the latest ObamaCare enrollment “milestone” being touted by the Obama administration. With the open enrollment deadline just days away, the White House…Read More
Check out AFP's Jennifer Stefano take on MSNBC's Chris Hayes regarding Obamacare failures!

FIREWORKS: AFP's Jennifer Stefano Tears MSNBC Snot Chris Hayes A New Snot Hole

The Right Scoop
By Caleb Howe On All In with Chris Hayes tonight, Jennifer Stefano of Americans for Prosperity was on to discuss Obamacare. During the segment, fireworks spectacularly erupted. Hayes played the tough guy to disturbing effect. Stefano threw down the gauntlet and gave the MSNBC liberal a taste of the network’s own medicine. Hayes begins the…Read More
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