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Protect The Wolves Of Yellowstone National Park

Standing up for the voiceless: We all know it is time to listen to the signs around from the natural world. Why on earth did we move so far away from nature and what she has to teach us? we do not have to question how we survive each and every day of our lives, we know this is because of nature, this we can-not deny, for we know if everything was gone from the face of the earth - we would surely die. The wolves are a 'part of' nature, which is quickly becoming a vanishing world, and her eco-system. Those who would choose to persecute the wolf are persecuting nature - and life itself, simple. There is a holistic balance that needs to be struck in life and nature teaches this balance. Over centuries man has upset the balance by believing what they were doing was for the greater good. Lessons from the past teach man was misguided, by themselves and those around them. If man does not rise above the deception of his own perception now, then we will be forever held responsible for the devastation and destruction we impose on all-life. We are but part of the circle of life and it is time we acted responsibly, for ourselves and the generations to come. If you need any evidence of this look to our own destruction of natural habitats and species. As I live in the UK an example I can speak of, as the wife of a farmer is; one day a farmer is told to cut down the trees to make room for crops, but most don't leave a single tree in a field as it is an inconvenience for a tractor to go around. Then the farmer is told to take down all the hedge-rows as they will increase their yield by an extra %, Some time later someone realizes there is no natural habitat left for the wildlife and so the farmer is paid to 're-plant' hedgerows and leave strips of ground either side to encourage life back. Did the farmer never question the 'effect' on taking down all the trees and digging up all the hedgerows, not leaving any natural habitat for the other species we share the planet with? as a single human being with our own intentions and actions do we just listen to what someone else is telling us or do we use our own 'better judgement'? Spraying of crops is another large topic along the same lines, using something we are told does a great job, to learn the devastating side effects later. Acting before it is too late is crucial because at the moment we are heading for a collision with destiny. Every species is here for a reason, even if we don't understand the reason at a particular moment in time, just as the farmer did not understand the importance of hedgerows. In our ignorance we are lost. Do not be ignorant of other species and their role in life, we have much to learn from them, as do the children of this world, and those yet to come. No one is here forever, only a short space of time in the grand scheme of things. Learning to honour life, in all its forms, is honoring that which was given to all - not just some who seem to think they have the right to impose their perceptions on every living thing. Michele Jane

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